NH7 Weekender is an annual, multi-city music festival in India. In 2016 Weekender introduced the NH7 Periphery Art Project, a travelling art exhibit at the festival curated by Bombay Duck Design. Thirty artists across India were selected to create an artwork derived from their interpretation of the theme Utopia.

This piece attempts to highlight the misgivings of the very notion of "perfection" in a Utopian society. In a world filled with error and imbalance, a perfect world must mean a structured one fuelled by replicated experiences, identical occurrences and duplicated lives. This mechanical existence takes away from the spontaneity of error and the joy of the human experience.

"Culture only thus
Commits suicide
When to mourn its death
Not a heart is left."
- Rifat Sarosh

The NH7 Periphery Art Project at the Pune Weekender 2016
Details from the NH7 Periphery Art Project exhibit
Utopia: Final illustration
Exhibit area at the Pune Weekender 2016
Artist showcase at the Pune Weekender 2016